Security of websites and web application in recent times has been receiving quite the heat. Massive malware and ransomware attacks on big cyber giants compromising the user data of millions of internet users worldwide has shook companies around the world forcing them to rethink their digital security measures.

Our solution is not something new or out of the ordinary but the clear lack of awareness about the security benefits of HTTPS has been brought to the fore in recent times. So how does HTTPS protect user data in web apps and what are the major advantages of using HTTPS? He

re, we would like to discuss 3 most important aspects that prove HTTPS as the way forward for websites and web apps.

  1. Future Ready:

Users are starting to expect more features and functionalities from websites and HTTPS is one of the enabling technologies for many features. Some of the regularly used features include, taking pictures, sharing videos, and geo tagging. Embedding videos or directly uploading from the server, you have complete control over your intellectual property.

  1. Prevention on intrusions:

There are vulnerabilities in HTML that are easily exploited by intruders to gain sensitive and valuable user data without the users even knowing about it. Some intrusions include unnecessary ads created by ISPs and even other links and networks in between.

Many hackers trick users for a sign up and steal their personal information. Users would be thinking the information on your website compromising the integrity of your website or application.

  1. Better Privacy:

Preventing intruders from passively listening or overhearing the personal conversations between users on your website if one of vital areas the need protection. While many argue that one visit to your particular website doesn’t give away a lot of information about the user, sometimes trackers follow these single visits in aggregate. This allows them to analyze these visits and chart a clear map of user behavior exposing your user’s privacy.

Apart from these major aspects, there are also multiple other advantages of using HTTPS. To learn more about HTTPS websites, you can follow this blog as we will be sharing more information about data security, user privacy and all things IT in upcoming posts.

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