Mobile application development process is not an well established industrial “conveyor belt process.” Out of all the top mobile app development companies in Indiana, no two companies follow the same method of mobile application development. There are many reasons why each method of development is unique. We can start with the conceptualization of the application itself, the technology it requires for its functionality, the expertise of the app development company among various other important factors.

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However, as we saw in our previous blog about certain important aspects that contribute to the success of all mobile applications irrespective of the methods of development, there are also certain common mistakes during mobile application development that could be avoided. Here once again, the magnitude of the mistake does not matter if it contributes to the overall failure of that application. Throughout the years, there have been many avoidable mistakes that were made leading to the failure of many application.

Here, we would discuss the most important aspects that could be easily avoided.

1. Treating it as a web application:
We are all quite familiar with apple’s strict guidelines to get your application approved for monetization in the app store. When you take a look at the rejects, there is one important factor that is repeated among the majority. This is developing a mobile app to function like a web app or in other cases downsizing a web app to work on mobile devices. This will kill your app even before it hits the market even if it is impeccably made. If your application is not going to truly exploit the advantages the mobile devices provide, then there would not be any reason for people to download of even pay for your application.

2. The Choice of Platforms:
This is once again one of the greatest pitfalls in mobile application development. This mistake is made by even the top mobile app development companies in Indiana. The choice of platform be it iOS, Andorid, or even Windows, should not be made just because your client “likes” it. The choice must be made after considering various different factors depending on the geographic location, your target audience, and most importantly the platform’s ability to deliver the functionalities your app requires. While some companies tend to push their clients into the platforms they are comfortable working with, we at Wonderwrks suggest our customers to take the right decision after providing adequate information of all the platform options available.

3. Your App Won’t Sell Itself:
This is a grave mistakes which many application developers and owners make. Have a brilliant idea, get it transformed into an app and if it goes fine, the app will sell itself. While it was true initially during the infancy of mobile application development, in today’s market, you are just counting on a mirage. Over the years, we have come to see many brilliantly made applications fail to less robust alternatives because of the lack of marketing efforts. As a digital product, all mobile applications require digital marketing with specific importance to app store optimizations.

If this blog has created doubts about your application development process, then you might have realized about your mistake. Time now is for you to head towards Wonderwrks and provide your application the right impetus to success.

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