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Educational Institutions Around The World Grapple With The Challenge Of Handling Information About Hundreds And Thousands Of Students Depending On Their Size.

Student Management Software

Educational institutions around the world face the challenge of handling the data of hundreds and thousands of students, depending on their size. The Student Records Service is one of the first resources related to educational institutions to be digitized. However, this is the sector of education that still requires more contributions from digital technologies.


Billing & Invoicing

Payment Processing

Student record Management

Belt & Ranking Management

Student Membership Management

Attendance Management

Communication & Social Feature


Like the products developed at Wonderwrks, our Student Management Software has been refined and perfected over time. Like outsourcing solutions, at Wonderwrks we provide ongoing back-end support for all digital products we develop.

Wonderwrks student management software includes all the essential features of Student Management Software with additional benefits.

Our Student Management Solution aims to be all-in-one software that allows you to manage the entire database through an online web application. Being small and compact, it could be used on all major browsers available. With easy and seamless integration with existing institutional systems, Wonderwrks Student Management Software is irresistible and affordable.