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50% of businesses experience difficulties in testing due to the inability to apply test automation at appropriate levels.

Leverage Test Automation And CI/CD Expertise For Achieving 'Quality At Speed'

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Cloud Storage

Web Based


Simple & Fast

Web Based End to End Testing Experience

Click - Select - Run - Report

Flexibility in executing tests at various levels, i.e., application level, suite level, test case level, etc. across different testing environments using Test Execute.

Core Business Areas

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Codeless Test Scripts

Codeless Test Scripts with object and test data’s.

Auto Email Reports

Report Generation Detailed Email & HTML Reports with Screenshots

Recorded Test Results

Automatic capture of Application Objects, saving lot of time & effort can be used for future Reference

UI Validation

Enables automatic UI Validation and Responsive UI design in various Desktop and Mobile Orientations

Multiplatform Testing

Powerful tool for End to End automating web applications, RESTful web services, Performance for testing purposes

Multi User Management

Can be managed by teams,projects and organization level

Save More Time with Automation

Maximize efficiency with parallelization

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Agile testing teams would enable CI & CD Clear demonstration of how testing can drive DevOps culture and implement the change within your scope
Highly skilled Onsite Leads & remote testers, Who would follow your business culture, language, & time zone, Maintaining cost effective testing solution